Kitesurfing Prea Flatwater

Kitesurfing Prea Flatwater


Prea is considered on of the windiest venues of the planet. Kiteholidays with 100% yield are generally the rule and the wind statistics of  force and abidingness in the area reads like the summary of lifetime events in other kite locations.The bay of Prea  extends between Barrinha in the north-west and the hills called Serrote in the south-east covers a distance of aprox. 18 kilometers. Even beside 4 digits numbers of kitesurfers there would still be plenty of space. In reality the area remains a very exclusive and priviledged as there is no  infrastructure in terms of mass tourism.

Short report:

» best wind consistancy of north east brazil

» average annual windspeed of aprox 26 knots the entire season from June to February

» wind direction from south east to east – side onshoreto slightly side onshore

» small to medium windwaves at low to medium tide

» windwaves up to aprox. 2m at high tide

» shorebreak with closeout waves only at high tide in combination with full moon

» extensive shallow beach area

» kilometers of spacious beach without obstacles

» proximity to various lagoons and other kitespots

» famous evening downwind to Jericoacoara


Beside the beach of Prea there is much more to this location that can be seen at first. A number of spots with different conditions depending on the tides , as well as a good number of flatwater lagoons spice up the area around Prea.

Prea is surrounded by a handfull of fantastic kite spots within a range of 40 minutes riding along the beach. Beside this, Prea is also a good base and entrance point for some real kite adventures. There are kitespots only few people have seen and even less have been kited. Flawless windconditions, secure and wide beaches with no obstacles and steady side onshore conditions guarantee maximum of space, fun and improvement for all levels.

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