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National Park

some aerial footage from the nationalpark

the extensive rainy season provided a completely different szenario of the nationalpark. right next to Kite Brazil a stunning landscape can be explored. check out some images below….

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Barrinha Dunes

Due to an extensive rainy season the area and lagoons around Barrinha , between kitesurfers known as “Area51” are stunning. A short trip fom Kite Brazil this magnificent landscape can be explored. enjoy some images below…..

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Sunset Delight 2019

amazing backdrop at the end of rainy season

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Rainy Season 2019

2019 has been a very strong ainy season. Due to the vast amount of water several lagoons have formed which hasen´t happened since the strongest raining period recorded in 2009.

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Airport Jericoacoara Domestic Flights

Operating since 2017 we have an airport (international Tag is JJD) for domestic flights just a stone’s throw away from Prea beach.  It has never been easier and more comfortable to arrive at the worlds most consistent kitesurfing beach ever. The ammount of flights is constantly increasing and we will permanently update new connections and informations. A list of actual flights plz see below…..

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Flights Brazil 2018

flights brazil 2018

Since January 1st “Fraport” the german Company spezialized in Airport Operations is in charge of the Airport “Pinto Martins” in Fortaleza. The future plan is to creat the most important hub in South America due to the geographical vicinity to Europa and North America.  The first benefits for the area are already visible as several new flights have been established and new destinations have been added.

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NDY Fly´s showreel 2015

2015 was a busy year …..

A brief video summary of my RRD experiences during this last never ending 2015…
More than 30 pages of articles published on national and international magazines, an editorial page pic, and a most wanted cover shot finally arrived, right at the end of the year!
The gear available for 2015 has been just awesome, can’t believe how much every single thing has been improved, again and again, attention to every single detail and simplicity of each system have brought usability of fun to unexpected levels. Just… thanks a lot to anyone behind it!
Looking forward for a greater 2016

Merry X mas 2015


Kite Brazil Hotel and crew wishes all our friends, guests, family and followers a delightfull x mas in 2015 and nice transition into 2016.  Hope to see  you all back soon it was an absolutely splendid year.

Splendid Videos from the area

Breathtaking drone shots and videos from the landscapes and the kitesurf action of the North east of Brazil and especially the area surrounding Kite Brazil.  Kudos Cyril and Isa for the fantastic shots. Keep Going!!

Far from any road – Brazil Part 2 from Cyril Tintori on Vimeo.

Far from any road – Brazil Part 1 from Cyril Tintori on Vimeo.

June / July SPECIAL


June and July offer splendid conditions and the hype is on. Conditions during these month are nothing different than the rest of the windy season .  We decided this year to offer 15% off .

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