Strapless Back Loop by NDY

NDY Fly , RRD teamrider, Pro coach and Prea Local is constantly publishing tutorials and how to do’s about his passion “strapless” in the press and online …..

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The Tiny Brazilian Beachside Haven: Kite Brazil, Prea

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A Memento from Brazil’s Sunset Coast

beachsandwindpreaAmerican Journalist and Blogger Fredric Hamber experienced the North East of Ceara including Prea in search of precious Real Estate to add to his collection.

Get his view on Things around Prea HERE.

Finally Rain

rain After years of drought finally some rain arrived. To early to say if it is  substantial as it is not raining heavily and  the sun and wind come up on regular bases. Hoping to get some more to fill up the Lagoons surrounding Prea. There is still water but levels are very low.

Prea Season 2015 – Perpetuum Ventus

perpventusYou may call it boring or expected , but the kite season 2015 is at full swing. Usually in the end of Jannuary some indications for an upcoming rain between february and May can be recognized. Not again in 2015. Wind speeds are as high as in the the strongest month ranging between 24 and 30 knots. Not even usuall days for this month with 18 to 24 knots can bee seen.

The past years have been very short on rain and incredibly high on wind speeds and wind consistency . Short explanation.

Pacific decadal oscillation

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A fantastic scenario for kitesurfing off the usuall season.

Merry X mas


We wish everybody a splendid x mas and a fantastic start in the year 2015.

Swell approaching

swell prea

Sebi ripping the first minor swell arriving at prea beach.

Swell season is about  to start, some minor breaks comming from the north atlantic arriving at prea beach homespot. From now on until end of January more and bigger stuff is expected.


swell prea beach homespot

Homespot Prea Birds View

DJI Phantom 2 28 knots Prea Brazil from Hacky-Brazil on Vimeo.

First flight in 28 knots with the DJI Phantom II. Lot´s of more footage and videos to come.

Prea Sunset

preaOne of the most exciting things after a long and splendid day of kitesurfing ……

Prea Strapless

prea strapless prea strapless

Strapless kiteboarding with ND Fly in Prea  beach Brazil. Offering clinics, camps and private lessons for  all levels in flawless conditions. For some insights please check the photo album…….

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