ND Fly @ Kite Brazil Hotel

ndintroWe proudly announce a joint venture between ND Fly and Kite Brazil Hotel. In this post we want to introduce ND better and show what this cooperation is all about.

ND lives, eats , thinks and breathes kitesurfing. Decades of kitesurfing and travelling make him a increadable valuable asset to Kite Brazil. He is considered the founder and father of starpless Kitesurfing in the Phillipines and has a flawless record of decades of sucessfull teaching and coaching.

profilelargeND is fluent in several languages including portuguese and has years of experience in the area. Besides beeing an outstanding coach and teacher he´s a straight forward guy with a passion for the sport and people. His teaching is considered very calm, analytical and he has a valuable reply and explanation to every kitesurf specific topic. The teaching style covers all possible aspects including video analytics, pre preparations like stretching and kite equipment related matters.

nd straplessIt´s a delight to see him riding strapless which is his big personal focus. He never gets tired trying new tricks and improving and sharing his knowledge with others. Currently he´s building his new webpage which is in progress and is hosting a news corner with all related informations.

nd tackIn this ccoperation there are a lot of things coming up including taylor made and specialized clinics and camps and some very new and radical  approaches to have a blast with kitesurfing. Stay tuned and check back to see what we are coming up with.

nd flyND is affiliated and supported with RRD equipment and has brandnew stuff in his quiver ..ready to use for great lessons  and camps.


copyright: Kite Brazil Hotel